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Notes for Visitors

Firstly, Bridgend Phoenix is not a beginners club, we are a competitive badminton club and all of our players have experience playing in matches. We have teams in both the Cardiff and Swansea leagues. Currently we are actively looking for good players able to bolster our A and B teams in each league. All we ask is that anyone coming to play is able to maintain or increase the level we have established.

During the summer (outside of the competitive season) we welcome visitors to come down and try out for our club. As a visitor you will be permitted to play up to 3 sessions at the club. During this time the club’s members will assess your level of play.

Each session as a visitor costs £7.50.

At your 3rd session, you may be invited to join by one of the committee. If however it is felt that your level of play is below the club standard, or that you are deemed detrimental to the club, you will be informed by one of the committee and will be unable to play at the club thereafter.

If you are invited to become a member and wish to play at the club you must pay your fees either quarterly or annually. You will not be able to pay only for the nights you attend.

Current Annual Membership Costs for 2023-2024 Season

  • Adults: £30 monthly direct debit or £330 single payment.
    (Includes Badminton Wales Affiliation fee + all match fees).
  • Student: £100 single payment.
    (Includes Badminton Wales Affiliation fee + all match fees).

Club nights are Mondays and Thursdays, 8-10pm.

Email us if you have questions:

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